100 Mile Time Trial Achievement

Our wonderful Ambassador, Margaret (Maggz) Biggs, is going from strength to strength in her Time Trials and has just completed her latest – a 100 mile challenge! This is an extraordinary achievement for Maggz, a below-knee amputee, who is now beating her own previous best times. As these were set many moons ago(!), this is a testament to Maggz’s sheer determination and grit. She is an absolute inspiration. 

Maggz, along with fellow DBF Ambassador, above-knee amputee and fellow cycling enthusiast, Wyn Jenkins, were responsible for founding TEAM BADER CYCLING. The aim of TEAM BADER is to encourage amputees and other disabled to get involved with sport and thereby to experience all the benefits, social, psychological and physical, that this can bring. As fellow Ambassador, Martine Wright says: “I don’t think you can overestimate what sport can give you”. Maggz and Wyn kicked off Team Bader by completing a gruelling tandem challenge down the vertical axis of Wales last year as has been well documented on the DBF Website. Maggz has now taken this a step further by getting Team Bader Amputees affiliated as a recognised Time Trials team.

Maggz also designed the very cool kit she can be seen wearing in the photograph below. This kit will be available to TEAM BADER CYCLING participants. (And if that doesn’t tempt you….)

Maggz in action during 100-mile Time Trial

Maggz in action during 100-mile Time Trial

Please contact us if you’d like to know more about TEAM BADER CYCLING or get involved by supporting or competing in an event. It doesn’t matter what level of disability or experience you have, you will be advised and encouraged as to the best way to achieve your personal goals. Maggz would also be happy to give you one-to-one advice, please let us know if you’d like to be put in touch with her. You can also check out the TEAM BADER section of the DBF Website.

Other Team Bader Cycling news posts can be found by clicking on the link at the top of this article.

You can donate direct by going to the Donation Page where you will find a dedicated donation link.

Please read on to see a Press Report on Maggz’s achievements.


Douglas Bader Foundation only this year launched their cycle racing team, Team Bader Amputees. Already inspired by the famous Sir Douglas Bader, team member Margaret Biggs set herself the challenge to ride a 100 mile time trial race against the clock. To finish and do it in under 5 hours, doing 20mph. Both goals were completed for this 64 year old Southport lass. Margaret lost her leg following a severe traffic accident in 1973. A long time member of the Southport Cycling Club, and x-paracyclist, Margaret has been able to make this year her comeback into time trialling again. “ I am over the moon. Absolutely delighted, I am so grateful for the support and encouragement from the Southport Club, and consider it a privilege to ride for Team Bader Amputees. I hope that my efforts will raise the profile of amputees in cycling, and encourage others that the sky is literally the limit.” 

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