Upcoming British Cycling disability hub session dates

Please see information below regarding the upcoming disability hub dates nationwide as provided by British Cycling.

British Cycling Disability Hub Sessions
Feeling inspired from a fantastic summer of sport? Then why not get down to your local British Cycling disability hub session and try para-cycling? British Cycling’s qualified coaches are on hand to provide advice, support and guidance to develop your cycling techniques. Sessions are delivered on a monthly basis at traffic-free facilities to enable riders to have a fun, get fit and improve in a safe environment. Whether you are a complete novice, a seasoned rider, or somewhere in between, there is something on offer to meet your needs. A range of adapted bikes (including tandems and handcycles) are available for use during the session to support your riding.

Continued success from the Great Britain Cycling Team has provided inspiration for riders of all abilities to get involved with the sport of cycling

Sessions will be running on the following dates and locations as listed below. To book your place at your local session call 0161 274 2070 or visit the relevant event page.
Tameside Para-cycling Sessions
Tameside- 20th August 2016
Tameside- 24th September 2016
Tameside- 22nd October 2016
Tameside- 26th November 2016

Manchester Para-cycling Sessions- Track
Manchester Track-9th October 2016
Manchester Track-13th November 2016

East Midlands Para-cycling Sessions
Nottingham- 20th August 2016
Nottingham- 17th September 2016
Nottingham-15th October 2016
Nottingham-19th November 2016

Aylesbury Para-cycling Sessions
Aylesbury-20th August 2016
Aylesbury-2nd September 2016

Bath Para-cycling Sessions
Bath-20th August 2016
Bath-24th August 2016
Bath- 15th October 2016

Cyclopark Para-cycling Sessions
Cyclopark-20th August 2016
Cyclopark-17th September 2016
Cyclopark-15th October 2016

York Para-cycling Sessions
York-18th September 2016
York-16th October 2016
York-20th November 2016

If you would like to discuss any of the sessions above or would like to find out more information on British Cycling’s disability hubs, please contact the Go-Ride team on 0161 274 2071 or

Email go-ride@britishcycling.org.uk

Phil Ball
Senior Development Officer, Coaching & Competition | British Cycling
British Cycling, National Cycling Centre, Stuart Street, Manchester, M11 4DQ

To find out more you can visit the British Cycling Federation Hubs page by clicking HERE. The link will open in a new tab.

If you’d like to know more about para-cycling (or pretty much anything to do with cycling at all!), Team Bader Cycling is available for anyone wanting help, advice or information on Facebook Douglas Bader Foundation, the DBF website www.douglasbaderfoundation.com. and Twitter @douglasbaderfou