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The first ever Big Band consisting almost entirely of musicians with a disability

An ambitious project initiated by the Douglas Bader Foundation, ‘Bader’s Big Band’ is the first ever Big Band conSlater and Gordonsisting almost entirely of musicians from the UK with a physical disability or diagnosed mental health condition.

The Band has already performed at several venues, including airshows, festivals and private events and received great feedback. There has been nothing like it and we are so proud of what they have achieved in the short time since they started playing together.


The DBF is very grateful to Slater Gordon Lawyers for their support of ‘Bader’s Big Band’.

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There is a wealth of evidence to show that music is beneficial to us, whether listening or playing. These benefits can be enjoyed by all, able-bodied and those with disabilities alike. Even Deaf people can enjoy music as they feel the vibrations produced when it is played and consume those vibrations through their body.

Playing music with other people and creating harmony in sound is a powerful psychological influence that can give rise to feelings of spiritual and social harmony as well as the sense of achievement. Music itself is capable of engendering emotions, feelings, thoughts and images. All in all, it is an incredibly powerful and inclusive branch of the Arts.

Sorrow, gladness, yearning, hope, love, belong to all of us, in all times and in all places.  Music is the only means whereby we feel these emotions in their universality.  – H.A. Overstreet

‘Bader’s Big Band’ has been created to enable amputees and those with other disabilities to enjoy making music in a supportive and encouraging environment. This unique band will record at a well-known studio and perform at a variety of events. The project will continue to receive support from relevant people in and connected to the music industry.

All Bader’s Big Band events will be listed in our Events page:

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Musical Inspiration

Mark Bassey, Jazz Trombonist, Composer, Arranger, Educator and Band Leader.

Mark was born with no left hand and fingers missing on his right hand. He wears a split hook on his left arm, which he attaches to a pieces of leather on his slide, and has a metal digit on his right hand, which opposes the real finger. He plays left handed on a Bach 16 with an F attachment especially fitted by trombone maker Michael Bath, to enable him to reach 6th and 7th positions more easily.

Mark Bassey has been described as ”a superb, witty player” (Dave Gelly), whose playing can stretch from the “raucous” (John Fordham) to “an exquisite sound and perfect phrasing” (Brian Plain).

Mark has kindly said that we can put up some short films of him playing, so watch and be inspired!

Mark Bassey Plays Trombone.001 – YouTube

Mark Bassey performs My Funny Valentine with 3bpm – YouTube

Mark Bassey Plays Trombone.003 – YouTube

Mark Bassey Plays Trombone.002 – YouTube

Mark Bassey with 3bpm – YouTube

Just In Time – Mark Bassey Trio – VerdictJazz – YouTube

Mark Bassey Plays Trombone.004 – YouTube

Marc E. Bassy – You & Me ft. G-Eazy – YouTube

You can check out Mark’s website by following the link