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The Douglas Bader Foundation offers information through Bader Information and support through our Grants scheme and activities

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If you have recently had, or are considering an amputation, then we have some useful links to support groups and organistaions that can help. We also feature articles on people’s personal experiences that you may find supportive.

Bader Grants

The Douglas Bader Grant scheme provides practical support for the pursuance of achievements by those with disabilities.

This initiative assists individuals with disabilities as well as groups and small businesses working with and supporting those individuals throughout the UK to achieve a variety of goals in diverse areas ranging from education, the arts, sport and recreation.

Many of our grant recipients have submitted articles for our Personal Experiences section.

Team Bader

Team Bader

Team Bader encourages and supports people affected by disability or limb loss to engage in sport or activities to aid their physical and psychological wellbeing. One example is Team Bader Cycling who encourage people affected by limb loss or disability to enjoy cycling as well as helping to raise much needed funds.

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