Team Bader Cycling

We rely almost entirely on the kindness and generosity of supporters as we are dependent on donations and fundraising to continue our invaluable work.

Over the years, DBF and its supporters have organised a number of fundraising or sponsored events. They fitted well with our charity remit of actively encouraging amputees and individuals with other physical or mental challenges to participate alongside non disabled individuals and groups in the spirit of Sir Douglas.

We’ve had some amazing adventures over the years such as:

  • Walking the Great Wall of China
  • The ‘Fiery 3’ (a gentle stroll up Italy’s 3 iconic volcanoes(!))
  • A climb up Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Plus numerous sponsored treks and bike rides

Our organised fundraising activities have reduced somewhat over the years as more and more charities have come up with exciting and elaborate ways to raise money, but that is not to say that we don’t still need your help and creative ideas.

Fundraising ideas

A bike ride, a hike, a street party, a sponsored swim…there are endless ways you can help the Douglas Bader Foundation to raise funds, limited only by your imagination! We would love to hear your ideas and are always happy to advise and support, as well as help with advertising, promoting and providing equipment and merchandise. Just get in touch.

If you would like to help or have an idea, please Contact us

Here are some other ways of helping: