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We help advance and promote the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of people who are affected by limb loss, or are otherwise physically disabled.

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Yes! It’s here! Team Bader Music

As you will see from the latest News Post, we are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new initiative: Team Bader Music. We are kick-starting this venture with the incredible opportunity for those of you who sing or play an instrument to join “Bader’s Big Band”…..What are you waiting for?!

Cornish Wizards turn it on for Bader Braves!

After an absence of two years our friends at The Cornwall Flying Club really turned it on for Bader... more

Bader Braves Young Aviators Day – Bodmin

Bader Braves Young Aviators Day – Bodmin

Our 6th Bader Braves Young Aviators Day will take place at the Cornwall Flying Club, Bodmin... more

A Brand New DBF Musial Venture & Opportunity – Team Bader Music is Born…..

The DBF is proud and delighted to announce a new initiative - BADER'S BIG BAND!! If you're... more

DBF Offers Museum Visits in August

The DBF is delighted to announce 2 new opportunities during the summer. We are offering the... more