Bader Information

girl in wheelchair getting advice

This feature has been created to collect and provide information for people with limb difference and other physical and mental challenges. We hope that Bader Information will also provide a valuable resource for relatives and carers.

User Support Groups

Please visit our Support Groups pages for a list of UK based user and support groups.

User / Support groups

We try to keep this resource updated but as you can imagine it changes regularly. If you come across any links that don’t work, information that is out of date or other advice you feel should be on here please contact Wendy McCleave.


Our objectives

  • provide information on a range of topics via our useful links
  • enable users to find information on new technology, products and services
  • help amputees and people with other visible and invisible differences to feel more informed and less isolated or alone
  • offer one to one chats for advice or support
  • provide information on obtaining equality and advise on your rights in all areas of life
  • point the way to high-quality care and support when and where it’s needed
  • if we can’t help, we’ll always try to put you in touch with a person/charity/organisation better able to advise

The site is run by members of the Douglas Bader Foundation, with articles and contributions coming from a variety of sources. We welcome suggestions for inclusion in the pages so if you have information, or have learned from your own experience something that you think will benefit others, then please do let us know and help us to make Bader Information a useful resource for all.

Equally feedback is useful so please contact us if you find anything that you feel shouldn’t be there or that needs our attention.