Bader Braves Sailing Days

We’re trying to get an idea of numbers for our 3 Bader Braves Sailing Days:







Tuesday 24th July at Tideways Sailability, Surrey Docks, SE16 7SX







Thursday 26th July at East Anglian Sailing Trust, IP10 0LN







Thursday 31st July at Bristol’s All-Aboard Watersports Centre, BS1 6XG

(Click on any of the flyers above to open the full-size version in a new tab for further information about the individual events.)

All 3 days promise to be great fun as well as an opportunity to experience this exhilarating sport on stable boats in a safe environment. The day will involve 2 sailing sessions, morning and afternoon with a well earned packed lunch in between and will start with a thorough safety briefing so you will really get to know the ropes(!) before you start. 

Details of all these Sailing Days can be found in the Bader Braves Events section of the website with contact details if you’d like more information or to reserve your place.

As with all these events, places are limited and will be snapped up quickly so do get in touch promptly if you’d like to join our merry band of Braves on the water.

For more, please contact David Bickers: