The Panathlon Autumn Newsletter

Panathlon August Newsletter

The Panathlon Autumn Newsletter has landed! And, as always it’s full of positive news and articles…

Panathlon is a national charity which, every year, gives young people with disabilities and special educational needs the opportunity to take part in competitive sport.

In 2021/22, a record 52,746 pupils participated in our events Panathlon


Panathlon have 25 years’ experience providing sporting competitions for a range of age groups including primary, Key Stage 3, secondary and 16+. They provide multisport, swimming, boccia, football, ten-pin bowling, cricket and a range of impairment-specific programmes which take place across 42 English counties and seven unitary areas in Wales.

The competitive pathway begins with local events, leading to county, regional, divisional and finally national finals at prestigious Olympic and Paralympic venues.

In 2021/22, a record 52,746 pupils took part in their events – either external competitions with other schools or as part of our in-school Virtual Programme, launched in response to Covid-19.


We always look forward to the Panathlon Newsletters – guaranteed to be uplifting in even the gloomiest times. With Covid-19 restrictions now thankfully relaxed, Panathlon are delivering more competitions than ever and covering new areas of the country. Their annual report for 2021/22 showed record participation figures yet again, defying reports about disabled people’s lack of access to sport post-pandemic.

Panathlon say:

Demand for our competitions has gone through the roof at the start of 2022/23!


Panathlon’s ‘virtual’ in-school programme has been re-launched for 2022/23 to build on the legacy of an incredible summer of sport!

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