Legs4Africa Seek Prosthetic Legs

Legs 4 Africa

We love donations …. of your cast off legs!

In many Sub-Saharan countries the loss of a leg condemns someone to a life of greatly diminished capability. Unable to afford the cost of a new leg and subsequent care means that a formerly promising student will no longer be able to attend school, a taxi driver will lose his ability to drive his sole means of income and a mother would become unable to work or look after her children adequately. Apart from the physical loss, the emotional loss of confidence and dignity can be equally debilitating. With a donated leg, after care and community support groups, Legs4Africa aims to get as many people as possible back on their feet with the confidence and aspiration to go back to school, back to work and living life to the full. 

We have estimated that in the UK approximately 5,000 prosthetic legs end up in landfill every year because there is no mechanism for recycling them. Except that isn’t strictly true! There is a solution that works in the form of Legs4Africa. We welcome donations of old, outgrown and otherwise redundant legs. Since its inception 8 years ago, Legs4Africa has sent over 6,000 legs to Africa. However, a simple maths exercise demonstrates that there are a lot of legs still not being recycled and we would like to stop them going to waste.

If you have any limbs that are propped up in a cupboard or gathering dust under a bed, please consider the difference they would make to someone on another continent. It’s simple to donate them as you can see from this video Donate a prosthetic leg: a how to guide and you will be helping to save the planet in more ways than one by recycling and giving a life back to someone like the women whose story you can follow in this link Females are strong as hell