NHS England Prosthetic Review – Important Information from OPUS

Please read and then act on this important information from OPUS.  

 OPUS have invited the Commissioning and Engagement Team who are completing the NHS England Review into prosthetic services to a meeting at Stanmore RNOH. (Brockley Hill, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 4LP) ALL users of the service are welcome to attend this meeting.

    Date:    Wednesday 14th Nov

    Time:     2PM

    Place:   Room A, Prosthetic Centre, RNOH

All users from all centres welcome.

Please email Jane @  to register an interest or to add questions to the agenda.

Please see email below to explain what this is about and please also complete the survey so that they have user views on the service.


NHS England Prosthetic Service Review

NHS England is responsible for planning and buying specialised services for people who need complex disability equipment. This includes all major upper and lower limb amputees and people with congenital limb deficiencies who have a potential to use prosthesis to help them mobilise or improve upper limb function.

As part of the review into specialised prosthetics services, we held two meetings in June with staff working in prosthetics centres across the country, to understand issues with current service provision that we need to address. There was a strong consensus on the key hopes for the review – and over the next few months NHS England will be setting out what we need to do to start achieving these outcomes in the next three years.

  • All patients should have equal access to high quality care.
  • We need consistent guidelines and equitable policies that are transparently applied and monitored.
  • We need to have a payment system that fairly recompenses activity, where money follows the patient.
  • Success should be measured by outcomes and patient satisfaction, rather than activity.

We would now like to explore some of the issues that have been raised to better understand views and experiences of patients and carers, and we have set up a patient survey so that people can share their feedback with us. The survey is open until 19 September 2018. Please do share this link with other people you feel may be willing to tell us about their experience using prosthetics services.

Specialised prosthetics services patient survey – NHS …

Overview. NHS England are currently reviewing specialised prosthetics services, in order to ensure patients across the country can access high quality care.

In addition we would be happy to discuss these questions with patient groups – so if you are holding a group over the next few months, or have ideas how we can engage with patients and carers, please do let us know by contacting the team at .

Please contact the membership team: .

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